Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Where to get CHEAP Hot Glue sticks

Being a crafter I go through bags of glue sticks a week! In fact the last topiary I made took 20 glue sticks exactly. If you go to Micheals or Joanne Fabrics they can range from 4.00$ on up. But my little secret place is a hidden gem where you can tons of hot glue sticks for so much cheaper. I go to the Dollar Tree and so far everyone I've gone to has tons of them. I usually buy 10 packs at a time for ten bucks. The truth is there is no difference in them and the ones I use from craft stores. they fit in my stand hot glue gun, there is 20 in a pack and they work with high temp glue guns. PERFECT! And saves lots of money if you need a lot of them as I do. So next time you pass by a Dollar Tree stop in and see if it can saves you some money.