Thursday, January 16, 2014

How to make a Rolled Paper Rose

You will need:
A pair of scissors
A piece of card stock ( in your color )
Hot glue gun heating up or
Fast drying tacky glue

Making a cute little rolled paper rose is actually very easy and fun. It only takes a few minutes after you learn to make one so you can sit down and make quite a few for a project. They are not as hard as you might have thought if you just follow these simple steps!

The very first thing you will want to do it start with a square of paper. The size of your paper depends on the size you want to make your rose. This piece is about 3 inches by 3 inches. Your going to cut a circle in a spiral motion until you come close to the end. You can also use a die cutter if you happen to have one available.

Remember the circle doesn't have to be perfect because it's going to get rolled anyways. Just leave some room at the very end because that's where we are going to stick the rolled rose on for support. As you can see from the picture about there is a little room left in the very middle of the spiral. That will be the platform or base of the rose.

The trickiest part of the rose is the very beginning. You have to take and start rolling the rose but the first two rolls are more like folds to get it started. So fold it over a couple times around itself and then start rolling the rest of the rose. You just keep bring the paper around itself with your fingers until you get to that last little platform we mentioned. When you get there just turn that little platform to the bottom of your rose to sit on while still holding the rose so it doesn't unravel.

Now if you want to loosen your rose up some gently lift up your finger a little at a time and the rose will start to open or spin some you decide how far you want it opened. Its just a matter of preference and how big you want the rose to turn out.

Now with the hot glue gun or quick drying glue pull the top of the rose up and squeeze a decent amount of glue on the platform and push the rose back down into the glue and hold for about 5 seconds or so. Sometimes you might want to add a touch to the other side if it feels like it needs more support.

When your finished it should look similar to this. The nice thing is they all tun out slightly different and after you make a few you will feel like a pro. If you enjoy making these you can do a whole project like the picture below of a topiary I made from all rolled rose for a Christmas gift.