Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Looking for biggest bead selection?

I love beads and gemstones and that's no secret but its a good idea to find a reputable place to buy them from. There is thousands of places on Ebay that sell little packets but what if you want more? I use pandahall.com for pretty much everything I need. They have the biggest selection I have ever seen of beads, gems, lampwork, draw-bench, seed beads, bracelets and necklaces in bulk and all of the accessories that go with jewelry making. They have the best prices I have yet to find and have huge sales! The only thing you have to watch out on is getting really heavy items because the shipping can go up fast that way. However the weight is listed right under the items and sometimes they offer sales of free shipping on big orders over a certain amount which can save you hundreds if your buying in bulk! They are also super friendly every time I deal with them.
There is a lot of perks to doing business with them. Every sale you make you start going up a level to where you get bigger discounts and things like that. They have an all bulk site www.pandawhole.com for large amount and better pricing as well.
I hope this helps you find what you need for you business of crafting. It sure has helped me. If you have a bead and gemstone business that is really good please leave the link in the comments  the section below for our readers to check out!