Thursday, January 2, 2014

Personalized Children's Wall Letters

Are you looking for personalized letters for your nursery or child's room? There is a lot of different styles out there so which do you choose? If you are looking for something to go over the bed it will usually look best as a larger letter or set of letters. I recommend about 12-24 inches. If you are doing a whole name or have a smaller room I would recommend 6 to 8 inch letters. This keeps it from becoming to overwhelming.
Also I notice a lot of people will have a pink wall and want to do the same color letters. Generally you will want a color that compliments your wall color but is not the same. If you have pink walls then accent with a white or cream color letter. And of coarse I always recommend handmade. I feel there is much more love and care put into what you buy...

You can do six inch letters like these and accent with other smaller items above a crib area.

You can do one or two big bold 12 inch letters for a strong focal point like this.

Or you can make an even bigger statement with these 13 inch highly decorated and eye catching custom letters.

If see something you like check ot my store where you can find all sorts of neat decor and wall letters!