Saturday, January 11, 2014

New and Improved Sunburst Mirrors

I am always trying to improve my product and came up with a great way to do so on my Sunburst mirrors! I actually drill each and every hole that the wooden dowel/stick goes into instead of just gluing on the back. Both ways make a beautiful product that looks almost the same however the new improved version is more 3D as it is mounted on a piece of wood. Doing it this way does taking longer but the finished product is much more sturdy and durable. Right now they are priced at about 99.00$ compared to the other ones I did which were in the 70.00$ range. I only have one listed as of today because I wanted to hurry and write something about it. The one I just completed is done in purple Agate and purple shell beads. Its very elegant, unique and pretty. They are around 28 inches in diameter as well so they make a great focal point on a wall.