Saturday, January 4, 2014

What is Vintage?

While searching online I am sure you have came across the word "vintage" countless times, am I right? Most people know that the word antique refers to something that has made it to it's 100 year anniversary but what about the word vintage.
Sellers use this word very loosely now days but the actual definition refers to wine if you can believe that. It is actually referring to the the year and or place a wine was produced. However you will notice it usually is used in a different way. It can describe clothes, furniture, art and house hold items. Generally when some one refers to something being vintage it means it is between the age of 50-100 years old. Again you will see many different time uses for it though. I have seen people list the word vintage on items that are 15-20 years old! So as you can see this words true meaning has been blurred overtime.