Friday, January 3, 2014

Ready for a paint change?

For years I have gone with the same types of colors and tones; Warms, reds and oranges. I dont think I could function with out having a burnt Sienna wall somewhere in my home. I really enjoy the warm colors because they always have made me feel so cozy. Now days I am looking for paint colors that bring more of a calmness and inner peace. How do you do that? Its pretty simple really, you just need to switch your tones around. The picture below will show you warm and cool tone paint colors. Which makes you feel better and brings a state of mind you enjoy?

 Cooler tones for peace and calmness?


Wonderful Red Living Room Painting Wall ThemesWarm for inviting!

Which do you like best? I have always went with the reds and oranges but now I think its time to lighten the mood and feel. Im looking for an inner calmness and with the cool tones colors I will be able to find it! Don't get me wrong, the warm rich red will always have a place in  my heart!