Saturday, January 4, 2014

How to use crackle paint

Ever wonder how something are painted with that really neat aged look and you know its a newer item? Well chances are one of the ways they made the product appear old or shabby/rustic looking is by using crackle paint. It's a medium that you apply and ages your paint for you. Here is a few steps to show you how to use your crackle paint.

Step 1)
Find a small item to do your first practice on like a small wood cut out. You will need your wood cut out, a paintbrush, 2 contrasting paint colors ( light and dark) and your crackle paint. I used Martha Stewart's Brand and get it from Joanne Fabrics for around 8 bucks.

Step 2)
Paint your cut out with your first paint color. I find that using the darker color first works better for me but you can do whatever you prefer. After a quick brush let your items dry completely.

Step 3)
Put a liberal amount of crackle paint on in smooth brush strokes. It is clear like a gel so will be hard to see. the directions remind you to NOT over brush as it is tempting to want to play with it some. Again let the crackle medium dry completely. 

Step 4)

Now apply you lighter color and as it dried you will see very quickly the crackle taking form. It really leaves a different pattern each time. Now even though I showed you how to do this on a star it actually looks better on things like birdhouses and old style decor. But starting small with crackle paint and moving up as you get practice with it is definitely the way to go.